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Our World MarketOur World Market

Our World Market

This book provides a
new understanding of
ourselves, our families,
and the world we live
in. It is based on
discoveries made at
Dekalb Farmer’s Market
over the past 28 years.

Robert W. Blazer

World Market Introductory Video

If you are on this website, it is because someone who cares about you has recommended you read this book; or you have heard about it through other sources.   Realizing what is being said in this book is a rewarding experience.   However, to have this experience, you will need the support of other people interested in reading this material.   It cannot be read alone as a traditional book.   It has to be read and discussed, chapter by chapter.   If you attempt this process alone, you will not succeed in seeing what there is to see.   This book is a window that requires partnership to see through.

The information provided in this book represents a lifetime of work in understanding the cause of scarcity and suffering for human beings on this planet.   It has been a heartfelt search for the root cause of it.   Some say it is original sin, the devil, the desire for sex, money, and power.   Some blame big government, dirty politics, big business, special interest groups; ethnic, cultural, and religious differences.   Some say it is due to character flaws like hubris, selfishness, dishonesty, jealousy, infidelity.   Men blame “women” and women blame “men”.   You name it, we’ll blame it.   We have many ways of rationalizing and avoiding responsibility for creating scarcity and suffering, because we feel it is endemic to the human experience.   Our cultural, institutional, and economic lives are an adaptation to this assumed reality.   To be human is to create scarcity and suffering, so it seems.   It is as simple as that.   Despite our best attempts to ameliorate this situation, it still exists, 10,000 generations later, in its most insidious and destructive forms yet.

The information in this book is our birthright to have.   It identifies and amplifies the reasons why we have continued to destroy the possibility and opportunity of our lives and all life around us.   This is what we excel at as a species so far.   How much longer this persists is a function of receiving and assimilating new information.   This information was first seen at our market and applied in how we have worked together over the last 28 years.   This is not a theory or philosophy.   It is something to observe, appreciate, and apply at home and on the job.   What is revealed here are simple facts of life we never knew we never knew.   It has lead to a world of decreasing scarcity and suffering for those who have recognized what we are saying.

It is time to share this with you.   There is no time left for us to continue on the path we are on.   Given the technologies at play today and the numbers of people involved, we are too dangerous to life on this planet to be allowed to continue on this path.   Our branch of the tree of life is designed to work free of scarcity and suffering.   It is time to appreciate its design.   The past generations have given us this opportunity.   The future generations are depending on us to see it.   We can have lives where our dreams for all life come true.   We are here because we are designed to make this happen.   We are life for life.