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Our World Market

Our World Market - "The Generational Distinction" Book


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This book was written by me for the benefit of our customers and associates.   Over the last 28 years we have discovered patterns in the family that allowed us to understand why we think, act, and behave the way we do.   It has given us a whole new way to deal with each other and life in general.   It has allowed us to appreciate each other and support our children in a way that was not possible before.   This book is a history of how we came to discover this information, and how we have applied it in our lives.   We have worked with thousands of families from all over the world over the 40 year history of this market.   We allow family members to work at this market.   It is not so strange that we have been able to see things about ourselves that have not been seen by anyone else before.   It has been my stand to see what would allow us to work together free of scarcity and suffering since I was a young man.

Robert W. Blazer
Founder and President
Dekalb Farmers Market

Our World Market